Gold – $1 USD

Daily ($30.42/month)

Silver – $1 USD


(billed at $4/month)

Bronze- $2 USD


($4 every 2 months)


Our funding model features unique financial and resource leveraging strategies which are exemplified by our Cafe 360 Li$t funding models around which our community support extends. Listed below are the 4 key areas that we are designing for initial support with our Cafe fund. Find out more about this revolutionary strategy and choose a level at which to participate in our Café 360 Li$t fund.

  • “Friends” Community Projects Fund – All independent projects with collective involvement and resource sharing plus integrated new financial systems solutions
  • RandomActsOfCulture360° Events – Collective socializing and think tank/community design ideas
  • Optimal Community Design & Implementation – from groups to cities
  • Entertainment – Book to Film IJustKnowLove 360° story series development

Now let’s make the 2018 new year a time which future generations can point to a new beginning of human cooperation.

Thank you for helping us leverage our journeys together in order to achieve the “I Care About Solutions!” workshop which leads to a sustainable world we want. Please arrange to attend an upcoming RandomActsOfCulture360° event at your earliest convenience to learn more about how our workshop series and organic farmers and people in our community are developing models to improve quality of life in our front range communities. Our delightful gatherings include art, entertainment and discussions about how we can merge “all the best” ideas humankind has developed into our lives now and our near future. Critical transitional solutions for issues such as healthcare, safety and monetary systems will be manifested, as well as better models for travel, recreation and freedom. Your “easy to do” monetary crowdfunding contribution will support RandomActsOfCulture360° events expansion regionally and design the sustainable villages we love. All the answers to our major problems exist now, so let’s “be there”… “let’s do it”… let’s have the “World We Want!” before we lose our nature. Help. Contribute. Come. Thanks for your interest and please consider getting on the Cafe360 Li$t which allows you to follow our growing benefits for you and our community in the monthly Wildfire! newsletter.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming events will be posted here: