Wolf DetailedOnce upon a time around the turn of the century, I (Dr. Jon) met a student nurse named Kati while I was in Toronto making a healthcare film for the Canadians. And as we all know, one thing can lead to another. Maybe it was because I picked up a guitar in a bar and played her favorite song. I don’t know for sure, but we got along. We sat and talked. We talked about anything and everything right after Katie said, “It’s our family policy not to talk about religion or politics.” I probably made some forgotten sarcastic remark before our conversations continued for months. At some point I announced, ”I’ve got to write a novel with all these conversations in it!” I’m not positive about the exclamation, but I was excited.

Now, we are ecstatic about this story. Because one thing has led to another, and another and…. Ideas for what could be accomplished with this story got bigger and bigger and…. I love this statement by Armand Hammer: “It’s easy to come up with big ideas. Just think of something that would be wonderful if it were only possible—and then set out to make it possible.”

Well, now this story has become the tale of how humankind finds a short easy path for creating the community infrastructure that erases the traps and stresses that plague us needlessly. The fictional characters show us how to write the future which allows each individual to explore and make dreams come true without struggles and wasted time during our precious lives together.

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