If you like to you read, you will probably love this story.
If you don’t like to you read, you will probably love it anyway.

~ Dr. Wolff ~

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”
~ Henry Miller ~


Exciting and there’s more to come!
By Christopher Macor on July 11, 2014
Format: Paperback
I`ve read this book twice. Each time I was enthralled and eager to keep picking it up. Today, in the courtyard of Spruce Confections in Boulder, Co. I got a sketch of the second book from the author. I`m even more excited about what`s coming next. If you like a love story or books/films about dancing, or practice conscious manifestation, or like stories about people with advanced abilities or just like a damn good story, then you`ll love this book and it`s sequels!

Something for Everyone

By Simone Farbus on February 1, 2014
Format: Paperback
There’s something for everyone in this book but more than a great story of fiction, Jon and Kati help us think about our own role in our non fiction lives. This book is for those who love to think and contribute and also for those who just love a good story. This book manages to intermingle intrigue, culture and the arts, love, friendship and all the ties that bind us to each other all at the same time, effortously moving from one genre to another and back again until we all feel a part of their past and present making us think about our future. Please put me on the waiting list for the second book.

I Just Know Love 360 is a fast-paced suspense novel written with an …

By Ann A. Miller on August 25, 2014
Format: Paperback
I Just Know Love 360 is a fast-paced suspense novel written with an intelligence, thoughtfulness and holistic approach not often found in this type of genre. The protagonists, Jon and Kati, must not only outwit powerful forces bent on taking over countries and, in a very minute sense, the people who live within them, but also untangle their personal histories which stretch back over generations. Along the way they create a new paradigm for living, one which would give any reader ideas for his own generation. I’d recommend the book highly.

Modern Futurist Romance

By Julie Marshon on January 26, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I Just Know Love 360 – from the cold: Sparked my imagination integrating modern day life linked to the past and a future that is just around the corner. Filled with just enough intrigue, drama, mystery and a unique romance of past life connect it kept me up reading into the night. Although the story takes place in multiple countries, many of the scenes take place in real time Boulder, CO…one of my favorite places on the planet. I recommend it …an enjoyable, fast and easy read.
Good material for a movie…can’t wait to read book two in this never ending series.
Jewels Marshon

ADVENTURE - Experimental Fiction

Is this the story we’ve been waiting for? We think so. Woven into a plot which includes almost everything we love, we find a writing of knowledge and viewpoints that stretches our imagination beyond boundaries commonly traveled. The inaugural novel in the I Just Know Love 360 series …from the cold will be followed by a second book …from my friends within a few months. Jon and Kati create “Not just a love story, but a magical paradigm of our past, our present and the gift we leave behind: the harmonious blend of nature, technology and humankind.”

Don’t miss this journey into exploring what matters and entertains us while achieving our wildest dreams fictionally and non-fictionally! Eventually, we’ll watch this story become the basis for film, television, and Broadway musicals due to the dynamic character mix which includes a double 0 spy, a mystical ballerina, a cowboy doctor, various leprechauns and a darling French chess prodigy who all meet up with our modern day wizards of Oz by traversing our steepest traps, games and illusions. After seven years of testing on readers aging from fifteen to ninety, you’re invited to join the ever expanding plot!

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