Dearest Beloved Christopher,
I’m writing you to say how amazing my life has become since you’ve joined me as
my partner. To feel this supported, loved, and cherished is like a daily miracle. I’m
watching a time-lapse video of a rose unfurl. I never truly knew I was capable of
giving or receiving the love that flows through usevery day. Sometimes there just
aren’t words. I play it all by ear and am surprisedby it all. This life is truly the
biggest blessing of all creation for me. It transforms me from part to all of the
cosmos. I’m the vastness for the first time ever. This pearl rests peacefully in the
center of my hand.
Thank you!!!
I’m trusting and knowing what I understood one day
in mediation—that we do not belong to one another, but to God. I’m starting to
understand that the humongous scope of any one person is larger than any one person’s scope.
I am honored, deeply blessed, and super satisfied/stoked/SaraBhuti-fied to be your
beloved. High fives and holding one another and the universe.
Your Beloved,