I Dream of Starlight  – by Jason Wolfe ©

I once dreamt…
Of multi-colored tidal waves crashing into me,
Taking me down into a red sea of despair.
Down to where man-kinds faults had collected.

They overwhelmed me…
Just as I was about to drown in my own self hatred,
A currant lifted me up to the top of a wave,
Only to crush me against rocks of crystallized sorrow.

It went on and on for what felt like an eternity.
It tore at my heart…
I could take no more…
I screamed in pain…

All that I saw and felt separated from the sound.
All washed away leaving me broken,
In darkness alone,
I wept.

Tears filled my eyes,
Fell down my face,
Then shattered as they hit the…

I stood in a dark tunnel.
A light at the end began to shine.
A single beam pierced my chest.
It reached into my heart,
Soothed it,
Warmed it,
And brought me hope.

The light sung to my soul,
But not in words,
In images.
Images of love,

As the song filled me I was drawn to it.
I did not have to walk, for I was pulled to it.
The closer I got to the light,
The brighter it, no, she became.

She was beautiful.
She had a glow so bright white,
It made the stars turn red with envy.

I realized then,
That she was my star
My beacon in the night.
My guiding light through the darkness.

She was calling me to her.
She needed me, as I needed her.
I knew that with my love,
She will burn bright and hot.

For the benefit of all…
I dream…
Of starlight